Patchouli's Potent Powers

Hippies from the 60s used patchouli for a variety of reasons. It's unique, and pungent odor was unfortunately most well known for its use in incense in an effort to hide the smell of marijuana. They also used it to help calm them once the high wore off and they believed it helped with arousal. They were onto some things, but there is so much more. You should see the NIH research. . .

Outsmart Your Triggers & Enjoy The Holidays!

The season that is magical for children, and supposedly filled with fun and family isn't joy, joy, joy all the time - for anyone. The idea that it 'should' be the most joyous time of year is flawed and leaves us feeling empty before the season even begins. . . 

Self-Care That's Not Selfish

Self-care is all about taking care of YOU, but it is not selfish if your motives are pure. The truth is that when we fail to care for ourselves, we give our friends, families, and the world a lesser version of ourselves. Less healthy, less active, less fun, less happy, less encouraging, and a shorter life span - these are just some of the results we get when we don't take care of ourselves. Our families and friends deserve better and for goodness sakes, it's no sin to admit, I want to enjoy life for my own well-being!

Self-care for your mind, body and soul helps you:
  • feel better physically and emotionally
  • look at the bright side, and count your blessings even when life is hard
  • laugh and be silly more often
  • have healthier...

Optimizing The 4 Circles of Life When You Are Busy Busy Busy!

We are back to busy, busy, busy, feeling stretched too thin and maybe a little bit bitter because we want to do eh-ver-re-thing - and we can't! 

While it's true that mental health drastically fell during the pandemic, being too busy and the negative feelings associated with it, affect every circle of our lives.1

The 4 Circles:
1. Biological - your physical body - how it functions.
2. Psychological - your mind, your will and how and what you think.
3. Spiritual - your spirit - your sense of meaning and purpose for life, your core values & what guides/grounds you.
4. Social - your support system - connections to family, friends and others - how do you feel about these relationships.

Stress has clear connections to disease,2 can lead to depression, diminishes our fulfillment, may cause

Oils + The Bible

Oils + The Bible
When we don't understand things in the Bible we often chalk it up to symbolism or as a cultural phenomenon. It was just a few years ago, after a lot of suffering, that I learned about, and began to experience the power God placed in His creation.

Lavender Is Getting The Recognition It Deserves!

Most people know lavender as the essential oil that helps babies, kids, teenagers and adults get restful sleep1💤💤💤  I think it's great because it doesn't induce that sleeping pill hangover!

But lavender is much more than a sleeping aid. It is the the gentle giant that calms the mind, helps people have better focus and attention and is known to benefit every system of the body. The research is astounding!


A Great Antidepressant That Is FREE and 100% Natural

We've all heard it said, "laughter is the best medicine".  It is indeed good medicine, but we have to laugh often to experience lasting benefit. And, it needs to be the right kind of laughter for it to be an effective antidepressant. 
You've probably noticed that laughter doesn't happen easily when...

2 Things to Drastically Improve Your Brain Health

Brain issues begin decades before any symptoms appear, so no one really knows if they are headed in that direction unless they get a brain scan. The best idea is to start changing your ways now! You will reap benefits beyond good brain health! And, if you or a parent are already in the throws of any disease, treatment will work better if in conjunction to the treatment you change your ways. So whether you are young or old, you will benefit from...

Help Your Anxious Kids Face Life With Confidence

Whether it's a new gymnastics class, a visit to the doctor, piano class, a new school year, a different Sunday school, or babysitter - our young’uns face stress day-in and day-out. Anticipating and facing things with confidence is what we want for them - right?! But they are little humans and many of them, just like you, experience what seems like never ending worry. It’s a lot - just being human!  

Unfortunately, anxiety scrambles the brain and decreases the ability to...

Lavender Bath Bombs

Young Living's Lavender Bath Bombs are loaded with relaxation! You'll know what I mean when you open it up and get a whiff - you'll want to take a deep breath and chill out! They are fabulous after a long day at your desk, a rough day at work or a tough conversation, but my favorite time for a Lavender Bath Bomb bath is 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang means Flower of Flowers. Probably because of
 its rich, floral scent and its huge array of health benefits. It’s the oil of LOVE that balances male & female energies, combats anger & low self-esteem, helps with stress, supports focus and concentration, and it filters out negative energy. Plus, it promotes thick, shiny hair and beautiful skin.  

Believe Essential Oil Blend

Believe Essential Oil Blend  
Every person has a unique, built in potential that is far greater than we could ask for or imagine.
Yet, we allow fear and the things of life to hold us back. Believe can help us step into courage and step out in faith!

Let's talk about what's in it!
1. Idaho Balsam Fir is high in terpenes1 which help to open emotional blocks (the things that hold us back), recharge us and give us energy. This oil is loved by Native Americans for promoting wellness and spiritual purposes. It promotes deep breathing which helps keep blood . . .


Fresh, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable. Peppermint Essential Oil invigorates the mind and livens up your senses while inspiring a sense of calm. It's a well studied oil and has proven to be useful for many things! Used topically, Peppermint oil creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, making it a favorite for...

Gratitude Blend

Gratitude Essential Oil Blend 
This blend was specifically formulated to elevate and soothe the mind and promote relaxation of the body to help us step out of the worries of this world and into a place where we can count our blessings.  

If you struggle to have an attitude of gratitude, diffusing Gratitude and using it topically might just change your life especially if you combine it with other practices that foster a sense of gratitude. This blend contains...

Hope Essential Oil Blend

Hope Essential Oil Blend 
Excessive stress can cause us to lose hope. When feelings of overwhelm consume us, our brain and body stop functioning optimally because of restricted blood flow and increased heart rate can be a result of stress. Less blood flow to our brain and body isn't good. Melissa has been studied and found to help relieve stress and and "regulate hemodynamic (blood flow) changes in patients with ACS in emergent and acute conditions."1 If it can help people in acute distress, just imagine how much it might help you.

Oils For Every System

By addressing your foundational needs,  all the other resolutions you'd like to make will become more doable. It's virtually impossible to get what you want out of life if you only address visible issues. 

Get to the root of things! When you do, you'll have more energy, enjoy life more and do the things you want to do more easily. EOs are proven to affect every system of your body! What systems do you need to support this year? Click here to see what oils to use for each system.

  1. Cardiovascular System
  2. Digestive System
  3. Endocrine System (Hormones)
  4. Immune System
  5. Integumentary System (Skin, Hair, Nails)
  6. Muscular System
  7. Neurological/Nervous System (Brain Health, Emotional and Mental Health)
  8. Renal System (Bladder, Kidney and Urinary)
  9. Respiratory
  10. Endocannabinoid System

Gathering Essential Oil Blend

Gathering Essential Oil Blend
When you have negative triggers associated with gatherings or just struggle to manage the inevitable ups and downs of the day, Gathering can help. Of the oils in this blend, Lavender and Frankincense are the most well studied with an abundance of research proving their value. They are both helpful in regulating our emotions and helping us when we need to reframe our memories.


Nutmeg Essential Oil
Nutmeg is a favorite flavor in tea - it's so yummy! Just a drop or two can give your body a boost of by supporting your adrenals. More than ever, we all need a little extra energy! 

Nutmeg contains antioxidants, may support cognitive function and the immune system. . .

Peace & Calming Blend


Whether it's an important meeting that's got you wound up, tension with your partner is running high, kids are squabbling or you're just overthinking things - Peace & Calming can help. With a rollerball, it's easy and quick to apply on the go or helpful at home when you're a hot mess or just angry and need to calm down quickly. Diffusing it is a great idea when others in the room need Peace & Calming too!

Aroma Siez Blend

Aroma Siez Oil Blend

Aroma Siez™ a Young Living exclusive blend combines the relaxing properties of Lavender and energizing properties of Peppermint. The best way to make good decisions, think clearly, study, work or communicate is when our brain is calm but alert. Diffuse to enjoy the soothing yet stimulating aroma or add to V-6, or your favorite carrier oil, oil for a relaxing aromatic massage or foot rub.


Throughout history, basil was believed to have almost magical powers. It was used as an antidote for snake bites and was believed to give strength during religious fasting. In India, this herb was considered a powerful protector. As a medicinal herb, it is thought to be beneficial for poor digestion, headaches, the common cold, improved memory, anxiety, and the treatments of burns and cuts.

Marjoram has been used since ancient times as a natural treatment for many ailments. Ancient Greeks believed it helped heal from poison, convulsions, and edema. They called this herb "joy mountain" and crowned young couples with it during wedding ceremonies.

The medicinal uses of Lavender date back to 2500 BC. It is affectionately known as the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils because it offers powerful support to almost every system of the body. For centuries Lavender has been used for skin ailments. Infusions of lavender were historically used to soothe insect bites, sunburns, and cuts and burns.

Peppermint leaves were used as a remedy for indigestion since the ancient times. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all valued it as a stomach soother. During the eighteenth century, the herb became popular in Western Europe as a remedy for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, respiratory infections, and menstrual disorders.

Peppermint was first listed in the London Pharmacopoeia in 1721. In modern times it appears in the British Herbal pharmacopeia as a remedy for intestinal colic, gas, colds, morning sickness, and menstruation pain. It is also known to regulate body temperature.

The use of Cypress as medicine dates back to the time of the Pharaohs, who applied it for its astringent, tonifying, decongestant, and diuretic properties. It was commonly used for funerals and burial sites. Drawing from its mythological symbolism and associations, the scent is suggested as being helpful during times of transition and grief. It is known to positively affect the respiratory, circulatory, and dermatological uses.

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