I grew up in the 60's & 70’s in Southern California.  Days were spent in the pool, at the beach, hiking in the hills - enjoying the sun.

Sunscreen was a hassle! Our parents did their best, but they didn't know about reapplying! So, as a blonde, blue-eyed, very light skin kid – I burned, often! Red was normal - I didn't ever tan. I used to say if I thought of the sun, I’d get sunburned!

Fast forward 30 years, I found myself with a Dermatologist having tissue removed for a biopsy. Yep. Skin Cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma – thankfully the least dangerous of skin cancer. I chose my treatment, and left the doctor’s office.

Three years into it, I noticed the tiny, scaly bumps had increased a bit and the ones I already had were still the same. I chose a different doctor and went for a the more aggressive method, but I didn't really know what I was in for.

The pharmacist asked if I planned on working while under treatment. Uh oh. The treatment would last six weeks, after research, and seeing some of the photos, I thought it best to prepare people.

I had six weeks of pure misery. My reaction to the solution I had to use, was similar to the worst sunburn ever. Eventually, I had the best skin I’d ever have, but only after going in a completely different direction.

Skin cancer doesn’t really go away. Eventually a couple more spots popped up. One was close to my eye, and was urgent. The spot on my forehead could wait until cooler weather, which was six months away.

I had researched my oils, talked with those who had longer experience than I had and decided to use the six months and started a regimen of adding Frankincense to my morning face cream, every day. It worked!!! The spot on my forehead is gone.

I now use Frankincense daily – I’d rather keep the red, scaly bumps at bay! Being proactive helped me avoid the nasty treatment again! 

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