My heart smiles every time someone takes steps to improve their life. The joy it brings me led me to become a Board Certified Life Coach - long ago.

For many years my husband and I enjoyed teaching our kids to work hard, play hard, take risks and be adventuresome! But back in 2009 something changed. I wasn't feeling well and it kept getting worse. Doctors were stumped leaving me feeling terrible and without answers for getting better.

Once I was introduced to natural health, things started to change. I feel better now than I have in years! I'm able to exercise, garden, ski, hike and be adventurous again. I love my life!

So how did I get better? Well. . . I need to fill you in on some details. When my health started deteriorating, it wasn't just one thing. I had many odd things going on! And, when I felt poorly, everything was harder... work, mundane tasks & relationships - even thinking was harder! 

With the help of a naturopathic doctor, I began learning what whole health really looks like. I made a lot of lifestyle changes including creating a green, clean home and began using only natural solutions for my health related challenges. One of the things my naturopath said was, "While western medicine is the most potent of all drugs, of the natural options, essential oils are the next most potent." This led me on a journey of exploration and education.

Dr. Christopher Wakely (who did not sell Young Living (YL) at the time) verified that Young Living products were a great way to help me on my journey. Using almost exclusively YL products, for everything from cleaning to bath, body and beauty products to essential oils instead of traditional solutions, I have saved us thousands of dollars and I have my life back!! 

It just doesn't get any better! I enjoy leading the Young & Wholly Living team of Brand Partners and providing educational resources like newsletters, websites, blogs and social media for all of us to share. I love my growing team and we all LOVE helping our customers. 

Things I've dealt with personally:   •Brain Fog - bigtime!   •Parasites   •Fungus   •Yeast   •Food Intolerances   •Joint Pain   •Warts(feet & face-ugh!)   •Reflux & GERD   •SIBO   •Insomnia   •Low Energy   •Sweats   •Constipation (life-long)   •Diarrhea   •Focus   •Hay Fever (severe!)   •Lyme Disease 

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