Ordering ideas with this SPRING in mind! 

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Lavender $27.75 calms the systems... 
Copiaba $49.75 - to reduce discomfort and puffiness...
Peppermint $24.75 sinus help, for focus & to stay alert...
 Lemon $13.00 helps keep congestion from becoming something worse... 
Breathe Again roll on  $29.75 - prediluted for direct application to your skin.
KidScents SniffleEase roll on - $36.75 - diluted for children's delicate skin.
For Tier #1 (100PV) - Mix & Match products to get your TOTAL to 100.00 PV or more.

TIPS for Combatting Pollen & Spring Allergies:  
The first four oils in this list can be used in a diffuser 3-6 drops of each. Use less in a child's room. They can also be used topically, diluted with your favorite carrier oil, or put in a capsule. Use these dropper tops to make it easy. We use all three methods for maximum benefit. The roll ons add Eucalyptus to maximize nasal relief.

 Lemon Essential Oil $13.00 - for sticky, gummy or oily messes. 
Thieves Household Cleaner $25.50 - the mainstay that goes a long way! The simple, effective way to clean every room and everything in the house everyday of every season. Used in my doctor's office.
Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub $16.00 - when baking soda won't do & you don't want the toxins of Barkeeper's friend.
Thieves Dish Soap $15.75 - gentle on your skin!
Thieves Laundry Soap - $33.25 - never worry again about the cleanliness of diapers and other nasty laundry.
Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle $160.00 - includes all of the above and a LOT more!
For Tier #2 (190PV) - Mix & Match products to get your TOTAL to 190.00 PV or more.

(Download a pdf showing more details of what each enzyme breaks down.)
Essentialzyme 4 (2 capsules)  - meat & much more!
Detoxzyme (capsule) - starches & much more!
Allerzyme (capsule) - dairy & much more!
Kidscents Mightyzyme (chewable tablets) - great for kids! 
Digize Vitality $15.75 - to normalize bowels and settle it down when it's upset.
Alkalime $33.50 - because proper acidity is crucial to good health. 
Mindwise (packets-liquid supplement) $76.25 - helps restore cognitive function.
Brain Power essential oil blend $75 - A powerful blend of the most precious oils. For clarity, calming, focus, grounding and stability.
For Tier #3-250PV or Tier #4-300PV - Mix & Match products to get your TOTAL to the desired PV.

Tips for Gut & Brain Health:
Excellent brain health cannot be achieved without excellent gut health. And, poor digestion is at the root of many, if not most, gut issues. Since it is the first step of digestion, we need to get that right first. The perfect body is created with just the right enzymes to digest good, whole foods. But, few of us have a perfect body. And as we age, our enzyme production is reduced. Therefore, taking enzymes can really help! Further, nobody's body was created to digest the fast food and processed junk food most people consume - not to mention the enormous quantity consumed by the average American person. 

Knowing which enzymes you need can be confusing. Here is a chart that may help. Which Enzyme?pdf At home, I rarely need enzymes. However, I keep Essentialzyme 4 in my purse!  

Smaller orders, placed monthly, pays off quickly in points. By choosing to place Loyalty Orders you will receive 10% back in points the first month. After ordering 4 consecutive months you'll be earning 20% back. Loyalty Orders are easy to change each month and easy to skip or stop. They must be at least 50PV to qualify for points. 50PV is typically $50 but be sure to check before you checkout.