Outsmart Your Triggers & Enjoy The Holidays!

The season that is magical for children, and supposedly filled with fun and family isn't joy, joy, joy all the time - for anyone. The idea that it 'should' be the most joyous time of year is flawed and leaves us feeling empty before the season even begins. . . 

December's Gifts With Purchase

Every month Young Living gives Gifts With Purchases. This graphic shows the gifts for the month and how you can meet the qualifications to receive all the gifts! For more info, click the link. I've shared an idea or two about how to make the most of your Young Living membership.


Simple Savvy Scented Pine Cones - DIY

You don't have to spend a fortune to let someone know you appreciate them. Thoughtful, inexpensive gifts can make a big impact. This DIY is the perfect hostess or teacher's gift! It's the easiest method for making scented pine cones and you'll love the results!!

1. Gather your pine cones in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Then start by soaking them for about an hour in water. I thought soaking them in the tub would be the easiest thing, but learn from me - not a great idea! Use a bucket or pan so that...

November Gifts With Purchase

Why do you need these freebies? 
(Click the link to read more about them, but don't order them - place a qualifying order and get them for free!!)

1. Loyalty Rewards (LR) Points = $10 of credit in your LR account! And that's on top of the percentage you're already earning. If you've forgotten, you earn more points the longer you stay part of the program. The very first month you get 10% back (that's unheard of!) and if you stay in it 4 months... you start earning 20% back. Stay on LR 1 year and you get 25% back in LR points!! So with this freebie - I get 35% back in LR points!

2. Vitality Drops - are the best electrolyte drop on the market! Most everyone needs to drink more water, and trust me, once you're addicted to the drops, you'll want more water! If Grapefruit/Bergamot isn't your flavor of choice... try our Lavender/Lemonade

3. Thieves Hand Sanitizer - meets the FDA standards for killing 99.9% harmful germs and 
is free from harsh chemicals that hurt your skin and your overall health. 

Even more reasons...


Motivation for Every Personality Type

When we lack something like motivation, we often look to our friends, family or co-workers who have what we want and then do our best to adopt their ways, thinking we'll get the same results. Sometimes it works. But not every personality type is motivated the same way. . .

Self-Care That's Not Selfish

Self-care is all about taking care of YOU, but it is not selfish if your motives are pure. The truth is that when we fail to care for ourselves, we give our friends, families, and the world a lesser version of ourselves. Less healthy, less active, less fun, less happy, less encouraging, and a shorter life span - these are just some of the results we get when we don't take care of ourselves. Our families and friends deserve better and for goodness sakes, it's no sin to admit, I want to enjoy life for my own well-being!

Self-care for your mind, body and soul helps you:
  • feel better physically and emotionally
  • look at the bright side, and count your blessings even when life is hard
  • laugh and be silly more often
  • have healthier...

Optimizing The 4 Circles of Life When You Are Busy Busy Busy!

We are back to busy, busy, busy, feeling stretched too thin and maybe a little bit bitter because we want to do eh-ver-re-thing - and we can't! 

While it's true that mental health drastically fell during the pandemic, being too busy and the negative feelings associated with it, affect every circle of our lives.1

The 4 Circles:
1. Biological - your physical body - how it functions.
2. Psychological - your mind, your will and how and what you think.
3. Spiritual - your spirit - your sense of meaning and purpose for life, your core values & what guides/grounds you.
4. Social - your support system - connections to family, friends and others - how do you feel about these relationships.

Stress has clear connections to disease,2 can lead to depression, diminishes our fulfillment, may cause

Clean Up The Air You Breathe - It's Important!

Here are a few ways to promote toxin-free air in your home and minimize toxins at your workplace, school etc. with Young Living Essential Oils.

1. Eliminate artificial scents. They are known to be laden with toxins and you'll find that the FDA even has warnings about...

Improve Your Eye Health & Look Better Too!

Vision and maximizing beautiful experiences are important to us and you too, right?! Can you imagine doing the things you love, or being with your loved ones and not being able to see? When our vision deteriorates we typically fix our problem by getting glasses or contacts. However, most of us do nothing to keep our eyes healthy. So we continue to have symptoms like bags under our eyes, poor night vision or further loss of sight.

No one expects to get an eye disease, yet 11 million people in the US have macular degeneration1 and experts predict 3 million new cases this year. Even more scary - 90% of those diagnosed will become legally blind.  If you've thought you're too young to worry about eye health... keep reading.

Why Different Soap = Better Overall Health

Small changes can make a big impact! To change our mental health, we have to swap out toxic, negative thoughts for positive, helpful thoughts. 
To improve our physical health, swaps regarding how we wash up can make a big difference! 

Quite frankly, I didn't know until recently, that soap causing dry skin and hangnails was also destroying my skin's microbiome.  But I've learned! And sometimes, knowledge is power, or at least powerful in that it makes me want to make a change.1
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