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Be Well, Stay Well

  I was SHOCKED by my research.
Find out who is saying Non-Toxic Homes are Important.
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Thank you for coming. I want to respect your time, make our time together worth your time, and be sure to address the points that were on the invitation…

•Rethink Your Thinking
•Reduce The Toxins
•Give Your Body What It Needs to Thrive

•Simple ways to improve your health without breaking the budget or consuming all your time.
•Find out how and why Young Living's products have changed the lives of millions. 

I'm Suzette Parker. As a Board Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach - I noticed my clients were just like me. When they felt poorly, everything was harder ~ work, mundane tasks & relationships! That is how I got into wellness coaching. 
Young Living Essential Oils & Non-Toxic Products help us, and millions of others, feel good and stay well without chemicals or toxins. We feel  better and are experiencing the effects of aging at a slower pace. Sweeet! 

Did you know that Every system of your body can be supported with our Vitality Essential Oils? The FDA recognizes this as fact and we have the approval to tell you how! There are a lot of things we can’t say but THAT is huge. EVERY system of your body can be supported. WOW! In other countries, such as Canada, their government recognizes the power of essential oils so Young Living distributors can speak much more freely, connecting specific oils to specific ailments.

I am the team leader for Young and Wholly Living, but there are a lot of Young Living team leaders on this call. So when it’s all said and done, feel free to reach out to me – I LOVE to talk about essential oils and wellness, BUT, you’ll want to get started with whoever referred you here. If they gave you a personal link to our team page, it will link you to the Young Living website and you can place your order there. It would look something like this:
Please  use their link, so they get credit!

The journey to wellness and feeling good is a journey worth taking! I'm glad you are joining us. Please let one of us help you be a good steward of your family's health and budget so that you and your family can Be Well and Stay Well!

Let’s get to it! 

#1 Rethink Your Thinking 
Have You Ever Thought…
1. Everything causes cancer.
2. First they tell us something is bad for us, then they say it’s good for us – there is no way to know the truth.
3. We can’t get away from harmful chemicals – they are in everything.
4. There’s too much to learn.
5. It’s way too expensive to go green!

Limiting Beliefs keep us stuck. Regardless of the kind of goal or aspiration we have, we cannot move forward as long as we let our limiting beliefs be our reality. 

I’ve posted 7 Questions to Help You Move Through Limiting Beliefs at the end.

Let’s address each of these common, limiting beliefs…

1. Everything causes cancer.
I would challenge you to consider whether or not you really believe that everything provided for us by God is for our human suffering? Because if everything really does cause cancer, then that IS what we are saying.
What seems more likely is that we believe that everything that is convenient and inexpensive causes cancer… I intend to challenge this belief tonight. I hope you have an open mind.  

 2. First they tell us something is bad for us, then they say it’s good for us – there is no way to know the truth.
We all know the first part of this - is a fact! 
But the second part? 
My core belief is that the truth we need to live life well, is always simple. It may not be easy, but it gets easier and easier because we begin to reap the reward and feel the blessing!! The road less travelled always takes more discipline, but with the support we need, and WE, the Young Living family, provide, it’s a fun challenge and the rewards are fantastic.

3. We can’t get away from harmful chemicals – they are in everything.   
Actually – they are not. We have over 400 products to help you make your home toxic free. I believe that the reason we don’t even get rated on is because we are SO green and SO clean!  If you are not familiar with - it’s a site that rates products A-F on toxicity. For instance, if you use 409 products just google ‘409’ and you’ll see how it works. Feel free to EWG every ingredient in our products. You won't find the offenders!

Doctors and Medical Professionals who are recommending detoxifying will refer you to this site. I also know a lot of Young Mommas who use the site constantly.

4. There’s too much to learn. 
It’s true, there is a lot to learn, but the learning becomes a whole lot easier once we become a member. Think about it. It’s really hard to teach someone to play the piano by only giving them books and sending them to websites. You have to sit down and put your fingers on the keys to begin the learning. Purchasing a Premium Starter Kit is the best way to start learning about essential oils and non-toxic products, but trust me… the learning is super easy compared to learning to play the piano!! 

5. It’s way too expensive! 
According to Dr. Steven Gundry, Americans spend more on healthcare and less on food than the nations who are healthier than we are. Young Living has a very small line of food items, so you won’t be buying many groceries here haha … the point is, we are spending bucket loads on doctor bills all the while poisoning ourselves with the products we choose to use on a daily basis.  More about that in Section #2 

Yay – we made it to Section #2

#2 Reduce The Toxins
         WHY? What’s the big deal about reducing toxins? Even mainstream doctors are recommending that we detoxify. 
I read a good bit, and I just keep hearing it over and over again. Obstetricians, Autoimmune Specialists, Brain Doctors, Gut Doctors, Lyme Specialists, etc. etc… They are all saying to be well we have to get the toxins out of our homes because, though there is just a little in each product, it’s the build-up, or accumulation, that causes our issues. They use the term “toxic load” or “toxic burden” inter-changeably.  

I want to share a few articles so you can see that I’m not just the crazy oil lady. I may be crazy and I may be an oil lady, BUT I like the facts, and I want the truth… so let’s look at some facts from sites we can trust. Believe me, not every wellness blog is trustworthy! I think you’ll appreciate the info I’m about to share. But I really hope that the few articles that I share spur you to do your own research.

Let’s start at the very beginning… “Preconception Care: A New Standard of Care within Maternal Health Services” This is a super sobering study about babies! I found the article by Googling ‘Fragrance and Birth Defects.’  WOW! I got WAY more than I expected! 

  • On  NLM.GOV – our government’s site for doctors and medical professionals – (National Library of Medicine). This is where the articles that have been deemed worthy of being published, by our government, can be found.
  • It a VERY long article so let’s just scroll to Table 3 and look at 3 things. Phthalates, Pesticidides and Solvents. They are BAD news!
  • Well, to keep it short, let’s just look at phthalates. 
They are in almost everything that has a fragrance even if it is labeled natural. A label that uses the word “fragrance” is something to be very wary of!! 100’s of toxic chemicals can be used to create fragrances. And according to Dr. Peter Minke, in the case of personal products (skin care, make-up, lotion, diaper cream etc.) they can use the word 'natural' to describe a chemical compound that resembles a natural one. For instance: synthetic lavender essential oil can be labeled natural, even though it is a 100% synthetic chemical compound.

The article isn’t totally depressing because it gives hope! We can all take the steps to avoid these things – we will be healthier and potential mommas will reduce the odds of adverse affects greatly! 

The article explicitly says – this is a quote “it is becoming abundantly apparent that virtually all disease, including affliction in the gestational period, is the result of the interaction between our genes and the environment (Figure 1) [45, 46]. In fact, recent evidence confirms that MODIFIABLE environmental factors appear to be responsible for 70–90 percent of illness [47, 48]. In other words, CHANGEABLE determinants within our environment are interacting with our genome to maintain health OR cause illness [39].”

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you nearly all of your non-toxic products! You don’t have to read labels anymore!! We, Young Living, have more than 400 products to help you detoxify your life. 

This is from The Lung Association. Scroll to ‘What ingredients are In The Scents’

Not worried about having a baby and you breathe just fine? Are you concerned about getting Alzheimers or dementia? World renowned, Dr. Daniel Amen  Scroll to: Reset Your Toxic Filled Body

OUR Young Living products can help you with every one of those things! We can help you reset your toxic filled body!!

How about autoimmune issue? Our own National Library of Medicine – NLM.GOV – our government’s site for doctors and medical professionals – says 70% are due to environmental factors, including toxic chemicals, dietary components, gut dysbiosis and infections. You can read it right here:

I am not a doctor, so I can’t address infections or claim our products can heal anything. But I have had MANY gut issues and I feel SO much better!  

#3. Give Your Body What It Needs to Thrive
Support Every System of Your Body
This is our team website, and if you click each one of these systems, it will show you essential oils and supplement, anti oxidants to help you give your body what it needs to thrive. 

We all need NON toxic products – and we have them! We have the powerhouse cleaner of all time and it’s far less expensive than what you buy at Target or Wallmart! We have fantastic skin care – I LOVE the Sandalwood moisturizing cream and the Boswellia Wrinkle cream – far less expensive than what I was using! Or, you might need men’s products, or make up,  baby products, weight management products or if you have gluten sensitivity you might be interested in Gary Youngs amazing Eikorn Wheat. 

What I just showed you was our team website. Likely you are here because one of my team members told you about this class.  They probably gave you a link like this one  It’s a personalized link so that all of my team members can get full credit for everyone they bring to a class. I do my best to make it easy for them to grow their business. Once you join my team, if you want to invite friends to classes every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month and want to get a commission if they decide to make a purchase, I can give you your own special link. 

Though Young Living is a network marketing company it is NOT your typical MLM. Over 90% of our members simply buy products at a discount… very similar to a Costco membership.  

My team knows good and well that they are NEVER to pressure anyone to make purchases OR become business builders. We do not need to SELL people on our products. We simply share them. When the time is right, people make the choice because they want to, not because they are pressured.

When folks do the research and find out our founder is known all over the world as the Pioneer in the Modern Use of Essential Oils and they learn about our Seed to Seal guarantee. They want to join us. 

I only touched on how people save money using Young Living products, when I talked about our enormous healthcare bills because so few of us Stay Well. I should mention a few things: 

  1. Purchasing a Premium Starter kit gives you a 24% discount for an entire year and there is no obligation to purchase anything else. Think of it like a Costco membership. Only instead of a little plastic card we give you 11 oils, a diffuser and some other stuff J

  1. If you want to detoxify your home, we can save you bundles!! The Essential Rewards program, also called our Monthly Wellness Box, gives you 10% YL cash back. And it gets better… if you stay on the program in month 4 you start getting 20% YL cash back! So, with the 24% discount and 20% YL cash back – you’re saving 44% on most everything YL.  The minimum monthly purchase is only $50 but the more you buy the more rewards you get. The Essential Rewards program gives you a ton of other benefits and perks and full size freebies, but I don’t want to give you information overload! But, feel free to ask for more details. 

I want to end with something that may help you get through the obstacles in your own mind that keep you from making decisions that will bring good results to your life. Because I am a Board Certified Life Coach, I help people with limiting beliefs all the time. These 7 Questions are not meant to persuade you to purchase Young Living. They are meant to help you through any situation in life that is keeping you stuck.

7 Questions to Help You Move Through Limiting Beliefs
Writing your answers down can make your progress faster!

  1. Am I clinging to the belief because it’s what I’ve always thought?
  2. Who or what am I using to justify this belief?
  3. How is fear playing a role in keeping me stuck with this limiting belief?
  4. How will changing my belief subject me to criticism?
  5. Do I want to stay stuck or rise above what keeps me stuck?
  6. What do I choose to change?
  7. What could be the result of this change?

Thank you for taking time to learn about our World Class Products. Let me know if I can help you in any way. My email is