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Hi! I'm Suzette.
As a Board Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach, I noticed my clients were just like me. When they felt poorly, everything was harder... work, mundane tasks & relationships! When our family started to feel good and stay well physically and emotionally, I wanted to share! Now, it's my joy to help others. If you relate to my story or have questions, please contact me.

Things I deal with but have been able to get under control naturally: 
•Late Stage Lyme Disease And Things That Go With It Including:  Brain Fog,  SIBO,  Refux & Gerd, Parasites,  Fungus, Yeast, Joint Pain, Food Intolerances, Insomnia, Low Energy. . .
•Constipation (life-long)        
Hay Fever (severe -starting in childhood)
Ledderhose Disease

Hi! I'm Connie Sue.                                               
I’m a wife to one sweet & supportive husband a mom to four grown kids & one little dog & I work part time as a Children’s Ministry Director. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen to find healthier ways to prepare meals & making DIY lip balm, hand purifier, hair spray & many other fun things using YL products! I love so many YL products but my current favorite is peppermint. It is so versatile in food, drinks, personal care products & I can use some if I have a headache or to make insect repellant just to name a few! I love to share as I learn about making healthier choices for my home & family so let me know if you would like to hear more! If you relate to my story or have questions, please contact me. 


Hi! I'm Nicole Gosney.

Daughter, sister, wife and mom of 3 beautiful girls! (I’m a little biased haha) I work for our church part time, am a Jazzercise instructor part time and love my family & friends FULL TIME! Favorite YLproduct... Thieves...shocker, right?! It’s so multipurpose and I am ALL about multipurpose anything [clothing, cooking meals & great deals]. I’d love to connect with you!  If you relate to my story or have questions,  please contact me.  

Hi! I'm Karen Lange.

Lack of energy, no interest in daily tasks, and skin issues. I was a mess looking for natural solutions.

Watching TV for hours, unhealthy eating, hot flashes and mood swings, that was my life! With clinical depression, I showered every couple days (eewww) and rarely cleaned my house.

I heard about a natural energy boosting, hormone-balancing solution. It was life changing and I'm accomplishing more than ever!!

Years on prescription meds for GERD, I tried a natural supplement, stopped my antacid and I’ve been heartburn free ever since. Truly, answered prayers!! If you relate to my story or have questions, please contact me.

Hi! I'm Sara Nielsen

I am a wife, mother, and lover of all things natural! My current mission is to learn how to better heal myself and my family from things like asthma, depression, anxiety, acid reflux, and teen acne. I’ve recently learned the importance of toxin-free living, clean eating, and the use of natural remedies to achieve optimal health. Our past has been full of prescription medications that did help us to function or feel better, however we paid the price in side affects. 

While on our journey to healing our bodies naturally, I bumped into Essential Oils and fell in love, I had to share this great gift from God! I am using Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils to help my family live their best, healthiest life and so can you! Please let me know if you would like to learn more about how to use them to improve you and your family's health. It’s so much easier than I had always thought. I would absolutely love to help you get started on your own journey towards natural healing.  You may contact me here.

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The business is for self motivated people who are passionate about natural health. If you are interested, you'll have all the support you need and/or all the independence you desire with our team, Young & Wholly Living. We have lots of resources to offer that can help you build your business quickly, but you are. not obligated to use them. You will work at your own pace, set your own hours and find support online and at our optional, weekly team meetings. 
Young Living, has been in business 25 years and our compensation plan is solid. This link will take you to our site where you can see the Income Disclosure Statement.
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