Simple Savvy Scented Pine Cones - DIY

You don't have to spend a fortune to let someone know you appreciate them. Thoughtful, inexpensive gifts can make a big impact. This DIY is the perfect hostess or teacher's gift! It's the easiest method for making scented pine cones and you'll love the results!!

1. Gather your pine cones in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Then start by soaking them for about an hour in water. I thought soaking them in the tub would be the easiest thing, but learn from me - not a great idea! Use a bucket or pan so that when you are done, you can dump the water with all the dirt and little pieces - outside. 

2. Remove from ziploc and lay the pine cones on a baking sheet in a single layer. Using reasonable caution, bake them at 200º for 30 minutes. Be sure to stay close by because overbaked, they become a fire hazard. But it's worth the effort as it helps them open up! 

3. Once they've completely cooled, add 5 drops Nutmeg, Stress Away and Cinnamon Bark essential oil right in the bag. (You won't be eating or handling these, so we're not too worried about the plastic.) Of course you can use any combo of oils you desire! Just use approximately 15 drops of essential oil per gallon sized ziplock.

4. Tilt the bag up down and all around to coat the inside of the bag with the oils then add the pine cones and gently shake to help them absorb the oils. 

5. Leave the bag sealed about a week before taking them out. Put them in a bowl or repackage them in a pretty bag and let someone know you appreciate them!

If you want more of this lovely scent and want to reap the health benefits of these amazing oils, equal parts Nutmeg, Stress Away, and Cinnamon Bark make a great diffuser blend! 

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