Hello! I hope you are doing well and enjoying good health. To stay well, physically we understand that we must be diligent and disciplined. But most people don't realize that mental health is also a life endeavor that takes diligence and discipline.  

Today's tip is one that you can adopt with ease, and, like some types of exercise, it can be even more effective if you engage in this activity with others. It takes some practice to get good at this, but with regular repetition you can change your neural pathways and rewire your brain! 

No, no, not by playing ping pong. 😆 Although it is good for your brain! 
So why the ping pong pic? Keep Reading

This tip is all about shifting our perspective and looking at everything as a gift or opportunity. The idea comes from the teachings of Shirzad Chamine, a coach and best-selling author. By viewing every experience as a gift or opportunity, we shift our mindset from one of limitation to one of possibility. It's an empowering way to think and it makes the journey of life become exciting, filled with endless chances for embracing challenges with a positive mindset. 

Now, you might be wondering, how does this tip connect to rewiring our brains? Well, the more you think in a certain way the stronger that neural pathway becomes. And the stronger that neural pathway is, the harder it is to think about things differently. Here's how it works. . .

When we consistently view challenges as opportunities, our brain literally rewires itself by strengthening connections related to resilience, creativity, and problem-solving. This rewiring allows us to navigate life's ups and downs with greater ease. 

What this looks like in real life, is that when you feel disappointed, fear, anger, or anything negative, your brain will more quickly move to a neutral or positive place giving you the advantage of being able to objectively navigate the situation in a way that is helpful. 

My goal is to help you manage life in a way that serves you best. Our bodies and brains are gifts from God that we must steward well. Strategies and coaching skills for thinking differently, lifestyle changes and helping you find healthy, nontoxic ways to get the results you want are all parts of what I offer.
I hope that you have already made steps to join me on this journey. If you need help, please contact me

Need A Boost To Support Your Efforts?
Mushrooms are a natural nootropic that have gained popularity for their brain-boosting effects. They contain compounds that stimulate the production of nerve growth factors, boost memory and aid in the maintenance of healthy brain cells.1,2  

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How is rewiring your brain like ping pong? 
Rewiring your brain can be a solo endeavor, like playing singles in ping pong. But, you can make rewiring your brain a lot easier, and even enjoyable, when you have a friend by your side and joining you in the effort to win. Whether it's your spouse, best friend, or a close family member, having someone to bounce ideas off of can really help. It changes the dynamic of your relationship because when you share about hard things, or negative feelings you have about someone, they can help you shift your mindset and together you can come up with ideas of how to see the situation, or the person, as a gift and/or an opportunity. 

So instead of dwelling on the negative, or getting caught up in gossip, you are engaging in a solution for shifting your mindset. The diligence and discipline it takes to have excellent brain health is less daunting when you have someone partnering with you. 

Whether you go it alone or involve a friend, you can create a positive and uplifting mindset that embraces challenges and fosters growth. And in time you can rewire your brain!


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