As a human its normal to want to be the very best version of yourself. But most people, in time, begin to believe that it's a futile effort. They want to be and act differently, but their perception of themselves and their emotions get in the way. 

When situations beyond our control arise, and relationships become messy, self regulation becomes difficult and without good self regulation, we are not the best version of ourselves and we begin to feel badly about ourselves. 

We are keenly aware of our faults and when our emotions get the best of us, we let people down. And, what may cause an even worse impact, we let ourselves down. When we don't meet our own expectations, and feel shame, a negative spiral begins. The self critic soon turns outward. 

In our worst moments we may think to ourselves I'm a miserable failure of a person and so are you. Maybe we don't actually think those words because we've learned to tame our thoughts, which is good! But even if we haven't assigned those words to our thoughts, we've felt it. 

When negative feelings like these are entertained for a day, it's normal. But if a day turns into a week it's time to take note and make a shift - quick, before those negative neural pathways become normal.

However, if we start with the mind instead of the heart the progress is a bit slower.  A mindset shift needs to happen for sure, but we can't always simply think our way into feeling differently. We need to start from a deeper place within us - our heart. By accessing your heart's intelligence first, you can feel more grounded and increase your heart-body-mind coherence so that mindset shifts become a reality quicker.

"The qualities of the heart have become a scientifically proven source of intelligence. New science is mapping the influence of the heart on the brain and body and how the heart communicates an amazingly wide spectrum of information from health and wellness functions to higher qualities like wisdom and compassion."1 

If your self regulation could be better, getting grounded can help. Like an anchor, grounding keeps you where you need to be mentally so you can face life's challenges. As an advocate for natural means of wellness, I have some ideas for when you need a little extra help. 

Ashwagandha is an herb well known for helping with anxiety and stress - keys for helping a person feel strong, stable and well grounded.2 Depending on the dose you prefer, here are some good brands of Ashwagandha to try. Klaire Labs 300 mg. Pure Encapsulation or Ayush Herbs 500mg or Gia Herbs 700mg..  You can buy them on Amazon or you can save 25% and know they are the real deal if you purchase from my FullScript store.

The woodsy aroma of Grounding essential oil blend will help you feel strong, stable and ready to tackle the challenges ahead of you. 

Studies show that essential oils affect the limbic and nervous systems and an article found on Science Direct states that they are an effective means for grounding.3 If you are not familiar with Science Direct, NIH verifies their validity.4

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When you need it, you need it! This powerful supplement for grounding is "Used Clinically For: Benzodiazepine and alcohol withdrawal (with Limbic Balance Formulas), bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury (TBI), agitation, restlessness, cortisol excess." Save 25% on FullScript
Caution: Not to be used in early stage of stroke, or in people who have recently had a heart attack. This product is not recommended if pregnant or nursing.

Feeling grounded comes from the heart. As a HeartMath Mentor and Brain Health Professional coach I enjoy helping people change from the inside out. Simple practices can be life changing and can empower you to access your heart's intelligence.

I'm developing hybrid courses (partially online, partially live) now to aid in the transformation my clients want. 

The first course will be for young adults with a pilot course this fall with the full course projected to launch winter of 2024. I'd love to hear from you to find out what kind of course you or a loved one might find helpful. Your input may influence the development of subsequent courses. 

Blessings of health to you and yours!
Suzette Parker & team
Essential Oil Educator 
Board Certified: Life, Relationship & Brain Health Coach
Heart Math Mentor

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