On the lighter side, today, I'm bringing you the latest tips and tricks for the flourishing garden you'd love to have that loves you back! Whether your garden includes flowers or vegetables, these tips are what you need. They work great for your house plants too!

This hydrangea was a deep rich blue until I dumped a couple of gallons of coffee grounds on it!
Just another fun thing you can do - naturally!
Discovering the Power of Essential Oils in Your Garden! 🌱
Are you looking for a natural and effective way to keep your garden healthy and pest-free? Look no further! In this edition of The Green Thumb Gazette (just kidding), we delve into the wonders of using essential oils in gardening. The precious, pure organic extracts that I'm sharing about not only add health and fragrance to our lives but they also work as potent tools for controlling pests and diseases in our beloved gardens. Even pest control companies are using them!1

Please remember that inexpensive essential oils may be just as harmful as the chemicals you are currently using. They are known to be laden with additives that are harmful. Even so, with my amazing oils in your DIYs, you will still save money! I use these oils: LavenderCedarwoodPeppermintEucalyptusClove and Rosemary.

🐜🌿 Disease & Pest Control 🌿🐜
Essential oils are derived from plants and contain powerful compounds that help defend against pests and diseases. By incorporating essential oils into your gardening routine, you can create a protective shield for your plants without resorting to chemicals that harm the environment and your health. 

Essential oils possess natural antimicrobial, antifungal,2 and insect-repellent properties, making them excellent alternatives to store-bought products.

🌿👃 How to Use Essential Oils in Your Garden 👃🌿
To harness the benefits of essential oils, simply follow these easy steps:
1️⃣ Dilution: Essential oils are highly concentrated, so it's crucial to dilute them before application. Mix them in a 16 oz. spray bottle with water or a carrier oil or neem oil. I just use water. (Different oils work for different diseases/pests).
2️⃣ Application: Spray directly on affected plants or areas prone to pests and diseases. I've watched a rose bush, absolutely infested with aphids, be completely aphid free the next morning! (See my simplicity tip below)
3️⃣ Maintenance: Reapply the essential oil mixture regularly, especially after rainfall or heavy watering, to ensure continuous protection for your plants. 

Why Essential Oils Trump Store-Bought Products 💚🌱
Using essential oils in your garden offers numerous advantages over conventional store-bought products:
  • They improve your health as you spray your garden and inhale them!
  • They are safe for the environment.
  • Safe for your pets! Years ago, our dog was poisoned by Sluggo. The label said it was safe for pets, but it almost killed our Rex! The emergency room vet said he treats many animals for Sluggo poisoning every year.
  • Gentle on Plants: Essential oils provide effective pest control while preserving the health and vitality of your plants.
  • Aromatic Delight: In addition to their practical benefits, essential oils bring delightful fragrances to your garden rather than the stench of pesticide.
Suzette's Simplicity Tip 
I make a 16oz bottle of garden spray and use it for most everything - the gardens, our house plants and the inside of our house to keep the bugs outside where they belong. It includes LavenderCedarwoodPeppermintEucalyptusClove and Rosemary. 15 drops of each in a plastic spray bottle that is stamped with PET or PETE on bottom of the bottle designating it is safe for EOs. Just add water, shake it up, and spray away!

I use it in the garden as needed and spray the whole inside of my house with it too - it IS our pest control. I even spray around our bed and between the sheets because that is the last place I want bugs!! I spray the house about every six weeks during the buggy seasons. More often and/or a little heavier at the beginning of the season. The great thing is - you improve your health every time you inhale! And if you get it on your skin - it won't hurt you.  

 Here's A Popular Recipe

Your brain, your body, your children and pets will thank you! Well, they probably won't, but if they understood the alternatives - they surely would! 

I hope you enjoy the season and have a flourishing garden!

Your health can be better ~ naturally. Feel free to email me for a free consultation. 
To order Young Living Essential Oils or nontoxic products, please use my link: youngliving.com - thanks!


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