8 Uses & The Science Validating it's Benefits - Purification EO

My decision to go non-toxic has definitely improved my mental acuity! Lyme disease was wreaking havoc on my body and brain for years - before I was diagnosed. My recent brain scans still show some memory issues but I have my life back and think clearly - well... most of the time! 

Using essential oils to help me detoxify my home seemed overwhelming at first, but once I got started, I was surprised at how easy and affordable the transition was. I spend FAR less money on cleaning supplies than ever before!

Purification Essential Oil (EO) blend is a combination of six essential oils known for their cleansing and purifying properties. Each oil offers unique...

Allergies & Cleaning - Spring Nuisances Made Bearable

I LOVE spring these days, but I used to have terrible allergies! I suffered all year long, but springtime was the worst... and the the headache that came along with all the other symptoms typically turned into a sinus infection - putting me in a brain fog. 

And then there's spring cleaning - well let's just say, it's not my fave. And it bothers me that most cleaning products are terrible for brain health and therefore bad for your mental health!

TIPS for Combatting Pollen & Spring Allergies:  

Because I frequently got sinus infections as a result of allergies, and my husband and I both snore 💤 if our sinuses aren't really clear, our personal nighttime diffuser blend is 6 drops of Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Thieves. This blend keeps us...

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3. Thieves Hand Sanitizer - meets the FDA standards for killing 99.9% harmful germs and 
is free from harsh chemicals that hurt your skin and your overall health. 

Even more reasons...


Oils + The Bible

Oils + The Bible
When we don't understand things in the Bible we often chalk it up to symbolism or as a cultural phenomenon. It was just a few years ago, after a lot of suffering, that I learned about, and began to experience the power God placed in His creation.

DIYs for a Sparkly Clean Home WITHOUT the Toxins

It's spring!! And time to do that deep clean, but I know you care about your pets and family and don't want to have worry about their little paws1 absorbing chemical residue or your little one's2 hands and knees crawling on a freshly cleaned floor. Or, does your family abide by the 5 or 10 second rule . . .

Jade Lemon Oil

It's scent is soft and crisp and a little bit sweet as opposed to the tart aroma of Lemon.  

How To Use Jade Lemon


Create an inviting aroma and bring the mood up in your

Grapefruit Essential Oil


An article on National Institute of Health (NIH) suggests that Grapefruit EO has far more to offer than great taste. This article that discusses the oil's chemical profiling suggests, "Our study indicates that all grapefruit essential oils can be used as anti-inflammatory agents, with Rose grapefruit showing the highest potential, followed by Marsh and, lastly, Star Ruby, in both peels and leaves."1 Note: the word all is referencing all varieties of grapefruit, not all brands. 

Hacks To Make Your Home Safer

Finding helpful hacks when you want to make your home a non-toxic zone can be a Godsend - especially if you are on a budget. You can use all of our products in unconventional ways because all of our products are non-toxic and safe.

In this post, find out how to:
  • remove rust
  • keep bugs away (with suggestions from the National Pesticide Information Center)  
  • get red wine out of your carpet
  • how to reduce static in your laundry
  • and more...