Hi Friends, I could use your help. 

Young adults have been an age group that I have LOVED coaching since ‘07! But recently my heart has ached to reach more of them. In an effort to do that I am creating a hybrid course where they will have multi modalities of learning with peer support, some online stuff and some live Zooms. 
I interviewed a bunch of them and this is what I learned… I mean  confirmed - but hearing it from their mouths made me even more determined to get my course off the ground. Here is a little of what they said…

😔 Social media makes me hyper self aware. It makes me feel more isolated and less confident.
😔 I constantly feel less than, and left out. 
😔 I KNOW the reality that social media is fake media, but I can’t help playing the comparison game.
😔 I have a profound fear of failure. 
😔 I have massive anxiety around making decisions - especially regarding my future.
😔 I am overwhelmed with all the choices and don’t know how to decipher what is best.
😔 I am depressed or I fight depression a lot.

All of this stress messes with all their relationships, causes focus issues and their ability to perform well at school and/or work, and good time management seems unattainable. 

The full blown course will be longer, go deeper and address most everything listed above, but currently, I am working on a smaller version as a PILOT course.

My pilot course will:
🙂 Give reassurance - they are not alone.
🙂 Reveal patterns that have held them back. 
🙂 Empower them to take control of their thoughts. 
🙂 Teach strategies and share tools that can be used for a lifetime.
🙂 Help them choose confidence when making decisions.
🙂 Encourage them to move forward and enjoy the ride.

It’s best suited for 18-22 year olds - give or take a little. If you know of anyone who could benefit from a course addressing these things, I’d love to send them more details as they are available. You can text me or private message me or email me at coachsuzette@gmail.com. Please put YOUNG ADULT COURSE in the subject line. Thanks!!

DISCLAIMER: I am a Life Coach and certified to do Brain Health Coaching, but I am NOT a therapist or counselor. This course is not treatment for mental health issues.

Your health can be better ~ naturally. Feel free to email me for a free consultation. 
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