The Research
Numerous studies have verified what those of old already knew. Here is a portion of one article on NIH's website "In summary, cinnamon and components of cinnamon have been shown to have beneficial effects on essentially all of the factors associated with metabolic syndrome, including insulin sensitivity, glucose, lipids, antioxidants, inflammation, blood pressure, and body weight. In addition, factors associated with related diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and cancer, have also been shown to be improved by cinnamon and its components in in vitro studies."1

The Chinese have made use of the powerful benefits of Cinnamon since at least 2700 BC. They used it to treat diarrhea, feminine problems and for fevers. In ancient Egypt cinnamon was used in religious practices and for embalming the dead. Indigestion, nausea, colic and asthma were other common uses.

The beautiful thing about cinnamon essential oil is that even those with serious glycemic dysfunction can try it virtually risk free. In regards to those with glycemic disfunction the article says this, "In all of the human studies involving cinnamon or aqueous extracts of cinnamon, there have been no reported adverse effects and subjects with the poorest glycemic control appeared to benefit the most."1

There's so much research on the benefits of Cinnamon! Adding a drop or two of Cinnamon Vitality to a cup of hot water or tea each day is a great way to boost your health and liven up your beverage. It's also a lovely addition to just about anything chocolate! Just a drop in my hot chocolate, mocha or in chocolate frosting! Yum!!
Note: Whether your bottle says Cinnamon Bark or Cinnamon Bark Vitality, the same oil goes in both bottles. We have both because of labelling laws. Cinnamon Bark is on the FDA's GRAS list2 and can be found in our Vitality line

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