Understanding The Differences

Naturally Occurring Estrogen
  • Our bodies make estrogen. We need the right amount of estrogen to feel good. It protects us and keeps us balanced. When our estrogen levels dip we suffer! In hopes of helping us, people with good intentions, created...
Synthetic Estrogen
  • Many women fear all estrogen because they've heard of it's dangers, but it is ONLY man-made, synthetic estrogen that has created this well-founded fear.
We need a solution! Too many women suffer because: 
  1. Their hormone levels are always out of whack
  2. They get out of whack 'periodically' (pun intended)
  3. Our bodies are transitioning into a different season of life ie. when we are young, when we bear children and as we grow older and our estrogen levels plummet. There is a better way!
  • Naturally occurring estrogens found in plants are called phytoestrogens. They have none of the side effects of synthetic estrogen and all the benefits! Of all the oils, Clary Sage has the highest level of phytoestrogens.

What Happens When Our Natural Estrogen Dips?

When our hormones are out of whack - it affects so much of our life!! Clary Sage can help . . . 
  • stabilize emotions by curbing drastic mood swings
  • disturbed sleep
  • regulate menstrual cycles
  • when you're feeling blue for no apparent reason
  • anxiousness
  • your body be ready to conceive
  • keep labor moving
  • low sex drive
  • pain during sex
  • urinary tract troubles
  • dry eyes
  • dry skin
  • difficulty concentrating and remembering things
  • weight gain
  • brain fog and splitting head
  • loss of bone
Clary Sage optimises our estrogen levels and you can try it without worrying you will get too much because it does not "give" you estrogen, it acts like a catalyst causing your body to produce what it needs. 

Natural solutions are amazing, but seeing a doctor is a good idea if you are experiencing severe symptoms.


  • Daily use is great for anyone that is experiencing many of the symptoms on a regular basis.
  • Daily use can help those who know they are low on estrogen.
  • If symptoms only occur during PMS and/or throughout your menstrual cycle, Clary Sage or Progessence Plus (it has Clary Sage in it) can be used just prior to, and through your menstrual cycle.
  • If your cycle is irregular, you might try using it daily.
  • Perimenopausal women will probably find they need it more and more as their estrogen levels begin to drop.
  • During and after menopause estrogen is significantly lower. Using Clary Sage, Sclaressence and/or Lady Sclareol daily is warranted.


Topically: Several Drops on the front of the neck, under ears, on wrists/forearms and behind knees. Diluting with an organic carrier oil is best for most people when using topically. Or, I put several drops in a capsule because I definitely need it but am not fond of the strong aroma. 

Internally: While Clary Sage is not in our Vitality line yet (the Vitality line is F. D. A. approved for ingestion) it IS in several of our other blends that ARE in the Vitality line! As you know, it is the exact same oil in those blends. Further, Clary Sage is on the F. D. A.'s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe - for ingestion) list. You must make your own decisions that you are comfortable with. Getting the F. D. A.s approval is a very long and time consuming process - but they are slowly approving more and more of our oils, products and claims.

My Experience: This is what my doctor prescribed for me. Four days a week, T, TH, S, S. I place 10 drops of Clary Sage in a capsule (using a dropper top) and swallow - both morning and night. A little food in the stomach makes it settle just fine. In a hurry, I will do a few drops under my tongue. This dose is far higher than what is recommended on the bottle. I'm just sharing my testimony.

More on Supporting Healthy Hormones

Here is a great post from Niccole Perez. She has the worst PCOS story I've ever heard and was told she would never have kids. Much to her delight, she has four beautiful children.

If you are not following the page We Can Oil It on FB you should! Let me know if you need help. There is SO much great information to be found - about ALL of our products. Just use the search bar on the side to find what you are looking for.

Niccole's Post:

There are (2) oils that made me feel RADICALLY different and MAJORLY support my hormones. They're 100% worthy of their own post!!! 🙌😍

OIL #1: Endoflex

Endoflex™ Vitality is a proprietary oil, meaning only Young Living has it. It contains a base of Sesame seed oil and is infused with Spearmint Vitality essential oil, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Nutmeg, and German Chamomile.

This blend supports your endocrine system, which means, HEALTHY HAPPY HORMONES. 😍

What I've noticed:


❥ My cycle is like CLOCKWORK!

❥ Less hair in my hairbrush

❥ Periods are cramp-free

❥ My breasts feel the same all month long (sorry guys)

❥ Blood flow is LIGHT

Here are some favorite ways to use this oil.

❥ I drop it right under my tongue. 4-6 drops in the morning and again in the afternoon if I'm lagging

❥ Take daily with a gel capsule. Combine 1 drop EndoFlex Vitality with 1 drop of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex.

❥ Add a drop or two to 2–4 oz. of NingXia Red® for a quick shot of this blend.

❥ Need more energy? Add a few drops to your sparkling NingXia Zyng™. Use this essential oil-infused beverage to jump-start the day or make it through the afternoon slump.

Combine a drop of oil with a large cup of warm tea or a tall glass of water. If you find a drop overwhelms the flavor, dip a toothpick in the oil and swirl it in your drink.

Note: Young Living also carries Endoflex oil in the non-Vitality line. It contains Spearmint, Sesame seed oil, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Chamomilla recutita and Nutmeg (all the same oils as the Vitality version). Apply topically over your thyroid and adrenal glands on your mid back.

OIL #2: Sclaressence

❥ LIBIDO! This is the oil that gets the engine revvin' for me. Everyone's different - this is mine. 😉

❥ Ovulate like clockwork

❥ Combined with EndoFlex, my entire cycle is SUPER predictable!

Some of our favorite ways to use this oil are:

❥ I personally use SclarEssence on my inner ankle days 6-14 of my cycle, but you can also...

❥ Add 1–2 drops of SclarEssence Vitality to a glass of water or Ningxia Red

❥ Add SclarEssence Vitality to a warm cup of tea and enjoy after a soothing Dragon Time oil massage.

❥ Take as a dietary supplement daily with Master Formula™ to support a healthy lifestyle.*

NOTE: Young Living also carries SclarEssence to support overall wellness. Diffuse during your cycle or when needed to help lift your mood and feel more balanced. Apply topically to your belly as needed.

This is a link to an excellent, short, video found on a page called Lucy Li Bido, but it is not all about sex. She's a very tasteful, funny funny gal who knows her stuff regarding All Things Female. If you cannot open the link search for the page and type Clary Sage in the search bar to find the video.

~ by Suzette Parker

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