Ylang Ylang means Flower of Flowers. Probably because of its rich, floral scent and its huge array of health benefits. It's essential oil is extracted by steam distilling the waxy, golden flowers found on the tropical ylang ylang tree. It takes a lot of petals to get enough essential oil to fill a bottle, making it a precious, yet popular ingredient that has been used in the most luxurious and indulgent perfumes and skin care products for thousands of years. When you splurge on a high end spa treatment, you may recognize the lovely aroma as you walk in the door.

In the Philippines, where the flowers grow naturally, ancient healers make salves and ointments to treat cuts, burns, insect bites, and snake bites. In the Molucca islands, people first used the oil as the main ingredient in Macassar oil, a hair pomade which later became popular in Victorian England. In Indonesia, the flowers are spread on the bed of newlywed couples as they are considered to be an aphrodisiac. Ylang Ylang was thought to be an ideal plant to use for PMS - soothing most of the symptoms that come with menstruation.

Mentally, Ylang Ylang is a gift to both men and women. While it is know as a powerful romance booster, it also boosts feelings of confidence, focus and joy - all which help in the bedroom! If you need these things on a regular basis, wearing it as a perfume is a great idea. The scent is strong when you first put it on, but it soon tones down to a lovely light aroma. It also promotes hormone normalcy.

It's known as a good support for:
  • Cardio System
  • Neurological System
  • Hormonal System
  • Integumentary system (Skin, Hair, Nails)
An article on the National Institute of Health site boasts even more about Ylang Ylang."The constituents such as O-methylmoschatoline, liriodenine (24), 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid, germacrene D (11), and β-caryophyllene (12) have been recognized as the bioactive molecules that possess antimicrobial activities. Linalool (8) is another compound that has been shown to exhibit insecticidal and anti-inflammatory activities. Besides that, it has been experimentally proven that C. odorata also possess antibiofilm, antioxidant, antidiabetic, antifertility, antimelanogenesis, insect-repellent, antihyperglycemic, sedative, and relaxing properties."1 

Clearly everyone needs a bottle of Ylang Ylang! It’s the oil of LOVE that balances male & female energies, combats anger & low self-esteem, helps with stress, supports focus and concentration, and it filters out negative energy. Plus, it promotes thick, shiny hair and beautiful skin. 

While Ylang Ylang is not in our Vitality Line, it is on the F. D. A. Gras List of Essential Oils approved for human consumption.2 

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