Studies have shown Frankincense to be an excellent way to balance, regulate and bring our bodies back to homeostasis, helping us to function at optimal levels. It's effects on our bodies are measurable. 

Priests and physicians, in ancient times, used Frankincense for purifying the body of all kinds of ailments and priests used it for the purification of holy places. The medical records of Ebers Papyrus from the 16th century list more than 800 prescriptive uses and recipes. It's value was greater than gold at one time therefore it was often given as a gift in royal settings and offered to the parents of the Christ-child at his birth, along with myrrh.

The Research
Frankincense is a well studied oil. Here you will see how just a little research proves it's amazing benefits for many different maladies. A study published on NIH (National Institute of Health) reports, "The results show a robust effect of FEO (Frankincense Essential Oil) on regulating human genes, with many genes being upregulated and many others being downregulated."  In other words, it doesn't matter if your body needs more of something or less of something, Frankincense can help.

It's exceptionally wide variety of uses and it's success rate, make it a valuable oil! 

There have been studies for it's use for pancreatic cancer.2 Another article talks about how it affects cancerous cells in the bladder, "The essential oil of frankincense has specific cytotoxicity to tumor cells and can distinguish normal cells from bladder cancer cells."3 Because Frankincense can recognize cancer cells and the studies show that it normalizes cells, it is suspected that it may help people with any type of cancer, but more research needs to be done. 

It also helps normalize how collagen is used in the body and "prevents collagen degradation, and inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory mediators and MMPs."4 

It has helped women during labor and delivery5. 

Frankincense helps some people manage psoriasis,6 

"Frankincense is known for its superior anti-inflammatory potential..."6 

Because of the normalization effect of Frankincense, this list could go on and on!

Frankincense's primary constituents are monoterpenes and β-pinenes. It also contains many other powerful components that make it effective for many things!  

Let's just say, everyone should have a bottle of Frankincense in the medicine  cabinet! It is not a pharmaceutical so it is not medicine, but you might prefer the outcome!

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