I'm always a bit sad when summer begins to wind down because I love being outside! And I'm outside a lot during our gorgeous PNW summers. But being inside means I have control over our air quality when we are at home. Per the EPA - "a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities."

Having control over your indoor air quality is a great thing because, "indoor concentrations of air pollutants are increasing, driven by factors such as the types of chemicals in home products, inadequate ventilation, hotter temperatures, and higher humidity. Indoor air quality is a global issue." per the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.1

Here are a few ways to promote toxin-free air in your home and minimize toxins at your workplace, school etc. with Young Living Essential Oils.
1. Eliminate artificial scents. They are known to be laden with toxins and you'll find that the FDA even has warnings about them. Use a diffuser instead. Just remember some people object to fragrances so when you're diffusing for a crowd, stick to a scent(s) that are light: Lemon Essential Oil (EO), Lavender and Peppermint are a few that most people enjoy. The combination of the 3 makes for a lovely aroma that we diffuse during allergy season - we wake up much less stuffy! Personally, I like to mix a few drops of Orange with Thieves when we have people over to minimize the risk of airborne germ transmission. Plus it smells soooo good! Thieves contains: Clove2, Lemon3Cinnamon Bark4Eucalyptus5, and Rosemary6 7.

2. If you keep a small bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner, Wipes, or Spray at your desk, you'll be ready to jump in and clean up a mess so you don't have to breathe the toxins used in most cleaning solutions. Everyone will thank you for being a servant and because it smells delightful. You can arm your kids with these things too and encourage them to be the hero!

3. Replace harsh, smelly hand sanitizers with Thieves Hand Sanitizer. Your skin and nose will thank you! And, you won't be exposed to hormone-disrupting, skin-irritating chemicals you breathe when using most hand sanitizers. Of course, the alcohol we use is non toxic. It's derived from Peppermint so our hand sanitizer smells great!

At Work & School:
Thousands of offices and classrooms around the world are equipped with diffusers because more and more people know their value. It's worth asking your office manager or child's teacher if you can bring a diffuser. The next best option is to use a personal USB diffuser or even a piece of diffuser jewelry.

In addition to the suggestions above, these are great diffuser options for an office or classroom, KidScents Geneyus or Clarity for focus and mental acuity.

Peace & Calming, Stress Away, or Seedlings Calm are great when you have a presentation to make, are preparing for a test or need to calm those social butterflies in your gut. 

Valor or KidPower are super helpful when you want to boost confidence.

Have you noticed how medicinal your hand sanitizer smells? Our 1 ounce Thieves Hand Sanitizer is the perfect size to pop in a backpack. Just remember a dab'll do ya! If you feel sticky after rubbing your hands together, you've used too much.

Choosing to diffuse rather than burn candles or spend your money on toxic sprays, sachets, plug-ins etc. will change your home's air quality immediately. It's more of a challenge to change the quality of air at an office you don't own or in a class you don't teach, but I hope you'll make the effort and give it a try because it's important.


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