"Making The Most Of Every Opportunity". I keep thinking and praying about all the mommas and daddys who feel like their only option is to home-school. At one point, I felt forced to homeschool so I know... it may be your worst nightmare and that’s ok!! By the same token I want to encourage you to take your thoughts captive, make a shift, and make the most of this opportunity.

Helping kids learn when there are focus and attention issues can be trying, frustrating and even maddening. It seriously makes your situation even harder. More about that in a minute.

My Story:
When Caleb was in second grade he got exceptionally bored and frustrated at school. It certainly wasn't the same kind of "forced", but we knew we had to make a different choice. I was honestly terrified when I realized homeschooling was the only good option at the time. Did we love it? Well... we decided to made the most of it, except on the days we didn’t LOL but, we have lots of good memories and some that aren’t so great too. 

Love, grace, tenacity and perseverance were pushed to the limits, and we grew, so, I can honestly say - it was a great choice.

When we look at every situation as an opportunity, the memories we make are good. Even in the midst of struggle, we get to choose our perspective - and that is what makes or breaks the experience. A little Gratitude Essential Oil can help.

Back to Focus and Attention. . .If you've wanted better solutions for focus, attention and hyperness, you may want to use this opportunity to try out something different, proven to work for many many people, of all ages, and without side effects.

Jordan Schick, my niece's husband, openly shares his story to help others.

Over the years, his dosages kept increasing to the point it altered his personality - too much!! He hated the side effects (as did my niece) but clearly, he needed help to be able to accomplish things. He'd heard about better, all natural solutions and did a little research and decided to try something different.

He wanted a good education because the kind of work he wanted to do, required it. I'm happy to say he graduated from NTU with a degree in Business - Supply Chain Command and now has joined the ranks of corporate America with a well paying job!

To read what he did, go to: https://youngandwhollyliving.com/members - then click on Testimonials.

Suzette Parker

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