Lavender Essential Oil
Most people know lavender as the oil that helps babies, kids, teenagers and adults get restful sleep1💤It's great because it doesn't induce that sleeping pill hangover.

But lavender is much more than a sleeping aid. It is the gentle giant that calms the mind, helps people have better focus and attention and therefore helps them accomplish more and reach goals. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the most versatile and powerful oils for promoting overall health because it is known to benefit every system of the body. The scholarly articles are astounding regarding all the medical uses! I've noted them so you can check them out.

For Highly Stressful Situations
It works so well for calming the mind that doctors use it with those in the most stressful situations. One study was done with cancer patients where it was found to calm even their levels of stress.2 I can imagine they'd be some of the most highly stressed patients! Getting the diagnosis and anticipating or experiencing the awful side effects from treatments would be horrible to have to deal with!

Another study compared Lavender, taken orally, to a commonly prescribed anxiety medication. It concluded that it is a good, well-tolerated alternative without the side effects or risk for addiction.3

Stress taxes everyone's ability to concentrate. But often, we don't even realize we are stressed. When we don't learn to handle stress well, we get used to carrying it and eventually stop noticing. Many children carry a harmful amount of stress but often caretakers fail to recognize the heavy load they carry - everyday! And we wonder why they aren't doing better in school. One article states, "...researchers note that stress affects the prefrontal cortex, the same location of the brain affected by ADHD. There, stress reduces neuronal firing and impairs cognitive abilities."4 To be clear, long term stress reduces focus, attention and concentration.  

For Focus and Attention
The ability to concentrate has become more and more difficult for many of us! But for some, their inability is a debilitating problem - if this describes you or your child, my heart goes out to you. Finding a solution that actually works without side effects is a struggle for most. 
I have a nephew whose story made a believer out of me. Before I ever tried essential oils, Jordan, who was a freshman in college, was looking for a better answer. To stay focused and manage life, his doctors had maxed out his dosages but he, and his girlfriend, realized the meds were altering his personality. On his own, he quit his meds (I cannot suggest doing this) and began using essential oils and his life got better! He has since finished college and is thriving in a well paying career job. 

Works Synergistically With Some Medicines
The conclusion of an article on National Institute of Health (NIH) titled The Antibacterial Activity of Lavender Essential Oil Alone And In Combination With Octenidine Dihydrochloride Against MRSA Strains states: "Therefore LEO (Lavender Essential Oil) appears to offer therapeutic as well as preventive potential in the  post-antibiotic era."5 WOW!

Other Medical Research
There are so many articles about Lavender. There is one about wound healing6, burns7, people who suffer with arthritic kneesand even hair loss.9  

Who knew that Lavender could help keep your chickens healthy?!10

But the real reason you love Lavender just might be because. . .
It's scent is a wonderful blend of fresh, clean and floral but not too sweet. No wonder it's been popular for thousands of years - in perfumes, soaps, as fresheners for air, clothing and bedding, and in every kind of beauty product. It's not unusual to see diffusers in business offices, medical facilities, stores, classrooms, homes that are listed for sale and of course homes in general - because people are realizing their value. When people are less stressed they think with clarity and make faster, better decisions. 

If Lavender isn't your thing, try these alternatives...
Lavender is the frontrunner for essential oils that help calm the brain. But if you are not fond of the aroma, you might prefer one of our blends, like Stress Away Peace & Calming, or  Brain Power. We also have special blends for kids and littles that are pre-diluted for their little bodies. Kidscents Geneyus is great for preschoolers - elementary and Seedlings Calm is amazing for babies who need a little extra help calming down or staying asleep. You can put a roller ball in the top of any of our bottles and pop them into your briefcase, purse or your kid's backpack if you/they need help when you're at the office, school or out and about. 

Historical uses are generally the catalyst that cause research to begin when it comes to natural products. Interestingly, the word Lavender is from the Latin word lavare - which means “to wash”. Apparently they've known of the cleansing power of lavender since ancient times!

The medicinal uses of lavender date back to 2500 BC. The ancient Egyptians used lavender as a preservative and fragrant perfume. It was used for skin ailments including insect bites, sunburns, cuts and burns. In more recent history, Queen Victoria spoke of the disinfecting properties of lavender, and expected her royal residents to use lavender water and distilled oil for washing.

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