The season that is magical for children, and supposedly filled with fun and family isn't joy, joy, joy all the time - for anyone. The idea that it 'should' be the most joyous time of year is flawed and leaves us feeling empty before the season even begins.  

Rather than embracing a thought that leaves you feeling defeated, as a Brain Health Coach, I believe you'll enjoy the season more if you face the joys and challenges of each day, one day at a time. It's an idea you may have learned in Sunday School, but never really thought much about. Let's explore that together!

As a human, you have emotional baggage that started getting packed when you were a small child. You may have difficult circumstances presently and very likely, you know you 'should' be happier than you are. It may surprise you, but even the happiest of people have mixed emotions during the holidays.

Here's how taking one day at a time can help when it comes to:

1. Triggers - Everyone has emotional triggers that are attached to our past. How we allow ourselves to react to the trigger determines our overall happiness. Letting even one day be ruined by the past is sad, but it's heart-breaking to let a whole season be ruined. Let's work to end that cycle!

Some triggers flood our minds with memories and suddenly sadness overwhelms us. That is normal. But when we take one day at a time, we choose to embrace each morning as a gift from God. We may cry ourselves to sleep but we can also choose to awake, leaving the hurt behind. Planning a few minutes every morning to be grateful for the day ahead and looking forward to at least one small thing that day, can help tremendously.

2. The Stress of More - more to do, more to budget for, more people to see, more food and drink you know will make you feel bad, more choices to make... These are cultural stressors that are hard to avoid during the holiday season. 

When we fail to respect ourselves by getting too little sleep, overspending, overindulging in social activities and/or food and drink we make it harder for ourselves to make good decisions. All of this is stressful!

Start the day by making a plan for what you will, and maybe more importantly - what you won't do that day.  You can probably do a little more than usual, but too much more will deplete you and rob you of the joy you desire. 

3. Acknowledge Your Value - You matter. Whether it's at work, play or with your familpeople see you. You may feel invisible, but you are not. When we act as though we are invisible, we send negative messages reducing our own energy and happiness. Science tell us that our negativity also drains the energy and happiness of others. 

You might have a bad day, but tomorrow is a new day and when you are conscious of the fact that you have a choice to make today better, your odds of having a good day go up tremendously! So, if we want those around us to feel joy, then model what it's like to feel joy - today. If it's a bad day today, let tomorrow morning be your fresh start. 

If all that seems easier said than done, professional help may be in order - please don't hesitate to make that call. But I encourage you, along with all good psychiatric doctors, to do the work before taking meds.

If you've already tried medications that didn't work or had undesirable side effects, or maybe you are opposed to trial and error prescriptive drugs - a different solution may be right for you. Don't get me wrong... severe mental illness may require medicine!! Otherwise keep reading. . . 
brainMD and Young Living Essential Oils are the highest quality oils and supplements on the market and work as well or better for many people than standard medications. According to Thomas Insel, former head of NIMH (National Institute for Mental Health) most people would do better with alternative treatments combined with helping them with what he calls the 3 Ps, finding their purpose, place and people.  

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, most doctors, even psychiatrists, don't know enough about the brain's anatomy to accurately diagnose and treat their patients effectively. He states that it is the only organ in the body that doctors almost never look at before they make a diagnosis. 

The great news is that most people respond well to supplements and/or essential oils, adjusting their thought patterns, and making lifestyle changes. This has been scientifically proven over and over again.

Joy Essential Oil blend is one of my favorites! It's a wonderful oil to wear as a perfume and great to diffuse! The blend of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Rose, Bergamot, Lemon, and Tangerine is a powerhouse. Many of these oils are mentioned in the NIH article Therapeutic Effect and Mechanisms of Essential Oils in Mood Disorders: Interaction Between The Nervous System and Respiratory System.1 

If you're ready to change and will dive in and do the work, you can really change your brain! You'll want the Feelings Kit as it is a huge aid! I can work with you using these oils and/or the supplements below to help you change your life.

brainMd Happy Saffron Plus combines three nutraceuticals with proven mood and cognitive benefits. This mood supplement is formulated to help you feel happier, calmer, and mentally sharp. Or, if you know that your serotonin levels are low, Serotonin Mood Support is what you need. It is comprehensive blend of clinically studied ingredients designed to boost your brain’s production of serotonin. This powerful formula can increase calm, decrease anxiousness, and promote positive mood. 

I hope that you will print this article to remind yourself to give yourself a break when you are triggered, stressed out or feeling invisible. And I hope that you will take one day at a time, embracing each day afresh. With God, we are new every morning. It's the gift Jesus came to give. And it's what this holiday is all about!

Your health can be better ~ naturally. Feel free to email me for a free consultation. 
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