Making small changes can have a big impact! To change our mental health, we have to swap out toxic, negative thoughts for positive, helpful thoughts. 

To improve our physical health, swaps regarding how we wash up can make a big difference! Quite frankly, I didn't know until recently, that soap causing dry skin and hangnails was also destroying my skin's microbiome.  But I've learned! And sometimes, knowledge is power, or at least powerful in that it makes me want to make a change.1

We need soap that fights bacterial infections, viral infections and wards off parasites and fungi! 
But damaging my skin and it's microbiome with harsh soap means I am actually inviting germs to invade my body! It totally makes sense - I just didn't think about it! The thing is, even if you don't have hangnails or dry skin, most soaps still cause damage to our skin's microbiome. Just like antibiotics can damage your gut's microbiome, the ingredients in most soaps damage your skin's natural line of defense - your skin's microbiome.2 An article titled Unraveling The Role Of The Skin Microbiome In Health And Disease published March 22, 2022 makes the connection between skin health and overall health crystal clear.3

Simple swaps to products that nourish your skin can make a big difference in your overall health.

Most Hand Soaps
Unfortunately the majority of the ‘natural' cleaning brands out there are experts at greenwashing. Meaning their labels - the graphics, colors and the words - are designed to make us think they are good for us, but when the ingredients are examined, all too often we find that it's misleading advertising. Many companies carry a few great products but others with the very same branding are bad! These marketing practices are deceptive are work to their advantage.

Switching to Young Living hand soap is a simple, easy swap that saves you from having to learn about every toxic ingredient to avoid. 

Further, understanding how all the products I use affect my overall health gives me motivation to be careful. But I'm busy! And I don't have time to read every label, so I choose the safer and easier path and get everything I can from Young Living. If cost is a concern, there are many many ways I can help you make the switch without breaking your budget. Just ask.

Young Living's Foaming Hand Soaps

All of the foaming hand soaps from Young Living are made with organic, naturally derived, moisturizing ingredients. They include vitamin E and aloe and are infused with the highest quality essential oils, making them effective at cleaning, gentle on the skin and safe for the whole family! I'd love to know which one is your favorite!

Thieves Hand Sanitizer deserves it's own article,5 but we can't leave it out of this one, since we are talking about cleaning our hands!!  You will not find a more effective hand sanitizer and you only need the tiniest drop!! It spreads so easily! You'll know you've used too much if your hands feel sticky. Just use less next time because- it goes a long long way!

This month, I hope you'll make two swaps. 1) Choose a recurring toxic thought and swap it out for a helpful thought and 2) swap out your hand soap for one of our nourishing foaming hand soaps. Why both? Because your mental health affects your physical health and vice versa! And you know me, I'm all about Whole Health ~ Naturally!

Your health can be better ~ naturally. Feel free to email me for a free consultation. 
To order Young Living Essential Oils or nontoxic products, please use my link: - thanks!


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