Virgin Mary - Quick & Healthy!

Delicious treats that make you feel pampered help make the transition to a healthier lifestyle more palatable. Pun intended!

Sugary drinks are like an addiction for many, as are alcoholic drinks. While you may not be an alcoholic or sugar addict, brain science shows that both sugar and alcohol harm your brain and increase blood sugar levels, harming your body.

So want to feel all fancy without the alcohol or refined sugar? Try our twist on the classic Bloody Mary! Boost your health with Vitality oils & customize to your liking. See the link below to find out how these oils can boost your health. (Highlights & Benefits of Essential Oils)

Lemon wedges
Sea salt
6 ounces tomato juice
Toothpick swirl of Lime Vitality
Toothpick swirl of Celery Seed Vitality
Toothpick swirl of Lemon Vitality
1 drop hot sauce
Celery stick (optional)

Vitality oils are F. D. A. approved for dietary use.

1. Salt the rim of your glass by running a lemon wedge around the rim then rolling the outer edge of the glass in sea salt. Add ice and set aside.
2. In a shaker, squeeze a lemon wedge then drop the wedge into the shaker. Add the tomato juice, Vitality oils, a dash of hot sauce to taste, and ice to the shaker. Shake gently to mix together.
3. Strain into your prepared glass.
4. Garnish with celery or your favorite Bloody Mary toppings.

Make it fun for everyone! Including the kids! Serve it up with a variety of trimmings and let everyone garnish their own. Celery sticks, olives, lemon wedges, pickles, and jalapeños are some of our favorites, but citrus fruits, strawberries and parsley are popular options too.

A whole drop of essential oil might be too much for your palate. A toothpick drop gives you more subtle flavor. Simply dip a toothpick in the oil and swirl it in with a good stir.

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