Intermittent Fasting (IF) - I've done it for years, it just didn't have a label, at least, not in MY mind.

The reason: because I've had gut issues my entire life. As a kid, when I realized I felt SO much better if I didn't eat breakfast right away I was a much happier little girl! I was fortunate in that my mom was good at listening to her body and she encouraged me to listen to mine.

As an adult my gut issues got really bad. I won't go into detail, but eating earlier and taking my enzymes has made a world of difference!! I don't have "rules" about (IF) but I usually stop eating by 7pm and wait until 10 or 11am to eat a light breakfast. If it was a heavy, unhealthy or late dinner, I will wait even later to eat breakfast... my body dictates that. Upping my enzymes also helps tremendously!

I tried a lot of really good (doctor recommended) enzymes and didn't think that they did anything but after reading about how our bodies lose the ability to break foods down as we age I thought maybe I should try them again. I'll just say - I'm glad I gave them a try!!

A non dairy yogurt parfait is one of my favorite ways to break my fast! Whether you do intermittent fasting or not, what's your favorite breakfast food and what time do you usually break fast?


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