Dry eyes can be caused by many things. Seeing a doctor to find out the cause is always a good idea.

My dry eyes are from an autoimmune condition that results in the body attacking its own moisture producing glands, called Sjogren’s Syndrome and affects about 4 million Americans. In my case, Sjogrens most severely impacted my tear ducts, which is where you body produces oils to help keep your eyes moist.

My tear ducts no longer work to produce the necessary moisture my eyes need to stay lubricated which results in sore, red and dry eyes. I have used many over the counter ointments and tear replacement drops as well as Restasis – a very expensive prescription drug. The over the counter products are expensive too. I also use night time ointment every night before I go to sleep and again in the morning. A tube lasts me about 5 days. I was also using eye drops several times during the day – a real pain. All of this is a lot of time and work remembering to pack items in your purse before you leave the house for appointments or work or travel. 

When I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils I started exploring ways that I could use them to help me with my dry eyes. The oils I tried with the best results are 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Cypress to 2 tablespoons of V6 oil. I want to stress I do NOT recommend put any oils in your eye ball area or directly on your eye lids. 

After I remove my make up and wash my face, I put one drop of this combination on my index finger and then gently swipe the oil onto my orbital bone around my eye area.

I repeat, Do NOT put the oil onto your eyelid or anywhere near the corners of your eyes, just gently swipe onto the orbital bone area around your eye. If essential oils ever touch your eye flush immediately with olive oil or any carrier oil. Do NOT use water. I got Cypress in my eye recently and it stung like crazy but within a minute or two of flushing it with olive oil it calmed down immediately.

I do this in the evening before I go to sleep.

I have enjoyed the benefits and truly find this recipe helpful in my own life. I no longer need to carry around eye drops to keep my eyes clear and pain free during the day and I no longer take Restasis.

by Tammy Taylor-Raden

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